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Rental Guide

Advance Bookings
Advance bookings can only be confirmed with a down payment as indicated on advertisements or price lists.

Delivery & Return
We offer an Airport and local Hotel drop off and return courtesy service, right at the Terminal.  A vehicle return service to same is also available from Airport & local Hotel. Our customised Airport Service is available 24 hours a day. Alternatively you can return your rental vehicle directly to our office in person during office hours, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. All quotes are given on a 24 hour pickup and return. Please Note:- Vehicles returned in an excessively dirty or have been smoked in will attract further charges.
Age Requirements
A minimum age of 18 and a maximum age of 70 are applicable to all.
Baby seats
Baby seats, Booster seats, and Baby Capsules are all available for hire for $5/day each exclusive of GST.

GPS Systems
We have the latest GPS systems available for hire for $5/day exclusive of GST.

Rental Extension
Rented vehicles are due back according to the date and time indicated on the rental agreement. Call our offices if you need to extend your rental. Usually a minimum of 24 hour notification is required before the contract ends.

Rental Requirements
The renter is required to present a valid driver’s license, a valid passport and a local address. All documents should be valid during the whole rental period. Valid international driving licenses are also accepted. Before collecting the vehicle, the renter will be required to leave behind a deposit equal to the excess amount of US$350 in case of damages.

GHANEC TOURS always includes in a car a set of accessories such as jack, wheel spanner, reflector triangles, a fire extinguisher and other equipments requested by the customer. A customer will make sure that all accessories are returned at the end of the contract.

Rental Duration
All of our self drive rates are based on a 24 hours rental period, which means a minimum rental period is 24 hrs even if the vehicle is returned in less than 24 hours. For each exceeding hour an additional hourly-fee will apply. Chauffer driven rates are based on a 12 hour rental period per day. An additional $15 is currently applicable for rentals exceeding 8.00 PM to Midnight. From midnight a $20 per hour fee will apply.