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Ngorongoro is the home of the pastoral Maasai, who have been allowed to live in the Conservation area. The Maasai move widely with their herds of cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys in search of pasture and water. In recent years the Maasai have been encouraged to work on te land to supplement their traditional staple food of mild and meat. The visit will give clients a glimpse into the way of life of the Maasai tribe.

 Empakai Crater Trek - Northeast of the Ngorongoro Crater lies the Empakai Crater, which is 6000m wide and 300m wide. Among other animals, you will see buffalo, bushbuck, a variety of antelope and blue monkeys. Birds are in abundance. A deep soda lake covers a large part of the crater floor. There is a track to the crater floor and one around the rim of the crater.  On a nice, clear day, one can see Mt Oldoinyo Lengai, Lake Natron and Mt Kilimanjaro. The scenery is left to your imagination!

Olmoti Crater Trek - Close to the Nainokanoka village, also Northeast of the Ngorongoro crater, lies this sunken crater. A visit to Olmoti is only possible by foot with the escort of an armed ranger. It takes about 35 minutes to walk to the rim of this shallow crater. Lots of different species of antelope can be found here. A walk to the waterfalls of the Munge River is also interesting.  A day trip to Olmoti is available (weather and road permitting) ex-Ngorongoro as an add-on to regular safaris.                                                     

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge 
NGORONGOROPerched on the edge of the ancient crater rim above the cool, swirling mists, this architectural masterpiece in inspired by the Masai Manyatta. Each suite is tendered by a personal butler, and are all en-suite with a private deck and lounge with fireplace.