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Mikumi forms the northern border of the Selous Game Reserve, and is one of the most accessible of the Tanzanian national parks.Mikumi covering an area of 3230 sq km, Mikumi National Park lies in a horseshoe of towering mountains and forested foothills, which almost enclose the flood plain of the Mkata River.To the east rise the 2743 metres massif of the Uluguru ranges while to the Southwest are the craggy peaks of the Vidinda hills.Mikumi is rich in wildlife and contains buffalo, elephant and lion. Also found are wildebeest, zebra, impala, warthog, hippo, and giraffe. Most of the animals can be seen at all seasons. Elephants can be seen throughout the area and buffaloes totaling some 3,000 are to be found on the treeless grassland.

Vegetation: The Mkate River Floor Plain with its hard ridges, swamps and black clay grassland, the miombo woodlands lie on hills of east and west, and the rivers with their fringe of tall trees and dense thickets. The TAZARA (Tanzania-Zambia) railway line marks the boundary of Mikumi with Selous to the south. 

Climate: Mikumi has a bi-modial rain season characterised by short rains in October to early November, followed by long rains lasting for the six month although the rainfall pattern is very unpredictable.However there is always a definite dry period in january.The wet months are associated with a hot humid weather, where temperatures reach up to 30 degrees centigrade, annual average temperature is 25.5 degreees centigrade.

Vuma Hill Tented Camp 
vumahillOverlooking the Mkata plains and mountains in the distance, Vuma Hill offers accommodation"under the stars" allowing you to get as close to nature as you can.Whether you want to enjoy star gazing from the 360 degree viewpoint, cool off in the pool, or quietly relax in your custom made tent inbetween safari game drives, Vuma offers the luxury and privacy to suite all. All tents are self-contained with attached bathroom facilities, hot and cold water and electricity.

Kikoboga Camp 
kibobogoThis lodge is situated near the main entrance of Mikumi National Park, and has stone-built African cottages and bandas, spacious bedrooms, bathroom with shower and large verandas with wonderful views overlooking the plains and nearby waterholes. There is a small pool and sundeck area, raised look out tower, thatched bar built around a Marula tree and a dining area overlooking a floodlit waterhole. At Kikoboga you can watch a procession of animals visiting the waterholes either from the comfort of your own verandah, having a cool drink at the bar or whilst dining.